Terms and conditions for supply of training by Splat training

June 2020

The services, specifications and related prices, as well as times and places for the delivery of services, will be agreed in advance and confirmed on the booking form.


Cancellation by Splat training at any time will lead to full refund where rescheduling is deemed not possible by either party. Cancellation by the purchaser will not be refunded, but a new date will be offered. Adverse weather conditions may from time to time cause rescheduling of an event and not cancellation: no refund will be offered.


Payment is usually required in advance and will confirm the booking’ unless specifically agreed otherwise. 30 day terms may be requested by the purchaser in advance of booking and are given at the discretion of Splat training. Deposits are non-refundable unless deployed to cover loaned equipment, in which case they will be refunded on receipt by Splat training of the equipment in an acceptable condition.


Splat training has a policy of inclusion regarding all disabilities. Wherever practicable Splat training will make all possible adjustments to include all delegates providing relevant notice has been given of adjustment requirements. We will always work with you to make relevant adjustments, however, the nature of the courses offered does mean that content can be challenging and in some cases adjustment may not be possible.

First Aid Training Specific Conditions

Accredited first aid: in order to achieve the full qualification learners must complete a multiple-choice assessment and relevant practical assessment. Other arrangements can be made to ensure everyone has equal opportunity to join in but some elements of courses cannot be changed; e.g. first aiders must prove themselves competent at CPR carried out on the floor.

It remains the purchaser’s responsibility to ensure all delegates are aware of relevant information such as venue and appropriate attire etc, and capable and/or have the relevant support. If you require any adjustments, please ensure you contact Splat training in advance of booking to request these.

In the event that a learner does not achieve a pass, a reassessment can be arranged and may in some cases incur a further cost.

To attend a First Aid at Work 2-day requalification the learner must present a valid First Aid at Work Certificate.

Late arrivals, absences and learners who do not engage may, at the trainer’s discretion, be deemed unable to pass. In such a situation the course fee is still payable.

Referral Schemes and gifts

Splat runs various referral schemes and is happy to reward its customers for referring us on to new customers. Gifts are offered at the discretion of Splat training and will be of the value of no more than £20. Gifts and payments can only be made once full payment has been received from the new customer. In order for us to reward you the referral must be made to a new customer who has not used our services previously. That customer must give your full name on booking and it is your responsibility to ensure we have your contact details.

Covid 19 response


Relevant sanitation points and PPE will be provided in all sessions.

We will screen all delegates on entering the classroom, using a questionnaire asking questions about symptoms, shielding and self isolating. We reserve the right to refuse admission to anyone showing symptoms or to exclude anyone developing symptoms during class. In the event that a delegate cannot attend they will be given space on a future open (scheduled for the public by Splat training) course, subject to availability.

Personal data will be collected and stored safely for track and trace purposes, this is mandatory to all bookings

Reminders of hygiene and social distancing regulations will be made regularly.

We will make arrangements to accommodate any extra need for example training for someone shielding via Zoom, where we are made aware in good time.

We insist that if any delegate develops symptoms before or within 2 weeks after attending a Splat training course, that we are informed so that we can respond appropriately, keeping our other delegates and instructors safe.All personal data will be kept safe.

Specific to First Aid Training

Splat training will follow all industry hygiene standards in all its first aid sessions.

Splat training will provide all relevant PPE and Sanitizer as included in the price. At the time of writing this will not include gloves for first aid training as they are to be directed to the care sector where there is greater need. This is in accordance with industry recommendations.

Teaching and assessment methods will be changed to accommodate the Covid 19 response, for as long as is necessary, including access to 1 manikin per delegate and non-contact practical’s such as dealing with choking and recovery position.

We can provide a 2m distance between learners at our own classroom, but if we are coming to you it is up to you to provide an appropriate training space. We will consult with you on this.