We’re FRIENDLY, DAFT, CREATIVE, LEARNING, HUMANS. We try to put a bit of that into everything we do.

Splat was founded on the back of my redundancy from Hopwood Hall College . In 2014 I was a single mum, home with a 4 year old and on income support! I borrowed some first aid training equipment from a colleague and set about earning myself a living. I soon found I loved the training and I was good at it! Since then we’ve gone from strength to strength delivering first aid training with a light heart and using fun to get these difficult topics across.
Now with a team of 5 our mission is to deliver training and support to first aiders which is not only great quality and fun but is reassuring and not overwhelming.
We deliver training to businesses and individuals on our premises or theirs and can complement that training with the sale of equipment and a suite of online health and safety awareness training courses.
We work with all kinds of different organisations including manufacturers, laboratories, museums and visitor centre’s and we pride ourselves on our ability to put the learning into context – what would happen in an emergency at your place?

Meet Our Team

Meet our talented team, bringing skills and experience from a wide variety of backgrounds we really care about how we train. Using our vast experience we have developed a fun and engaging approach to training using games, videos and your own experiences we deliver in a way that brings learning to life. Whilst this experience is invaluable, we know all too well our industry is always changing, with that it’s essential to keep abreast of new developments, legislation and changes. That’s why we continue to learn every day. Making us best place to pass this knowledge on to our clients, ensuring that you receive the most up-to-date training possible.

Amy Gault

I'm Amy, The Director at Splat. I still feel daft calling myself a director. But I guess after 8 years directing I am!....

Meg Gault

Hello, I’m Meg, Splat’s Events and Marketing Manager and first aid trainer. I love working with Splat!....


I’m Daz, I have a portfolio career, when not with Splat I work part time as an Emergency Nurse Practitioner in the Minor Injuries department....


Hi, my name is Jaclyn Love and I’m an Instructor for Splat. I’ve been an instructor in some kind of capacity for over 10 years now....

Our Clients