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We chose Splat training because they were flexible on time and competitive on price. Having the trainer use our site meant that our staff were still available if there was an urgent need to contact them.



Great day and great teacher - I think everyone should know these skills! Thanks Amy ?



I learnt a whole lot more than I thought I would. Amy was so patient, understanding and put me completely at ease. Thank you so much; we will definitely be back again!


Us mummies really appreciated Splat accommodating us and our babies on a Saturday so our partners could come too.

Would definitely recommend.

Thanks Amy!

Katherine Scargill

Outdoor Learning

Splat offers a range of unique outdoor learning days for schools where we come to you. Our specialist instructors adapt sessions to suit a location that is convenient for you. Use your local park or woodland for an outstanding learning experience without the hassle of minibuses and accommodation.

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Splat Nav is a 5 hour course which focuses on the beginnings of good navigation in a rural landscape. You will learn key skills like handrails, tick off features, orientating and thumbing the map, basic compass use and much more. Once you have mastered the basics, or if you already have some experience, why not try our more advanced masterclass. Contact us for further details.

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First Aid

Splat Training offers a range of accredited first aid training courses from First Aid at work to Family First Aid. We can come to you or attend one of our open courses at Staups Lea Farm

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Stunning Locations

Courses can take place at our beautiful rural retreat in the heart of the Yorkshire Pennine’s Or if you prefer our trainers can come to a venue of your choice. Out in the wilds of God’s Own Country or right on your doorstep - it is completely up to you.

Legal Accreditation

Our First Aid and Health & Safety training for the workplace will meet your work place legal requirements to ensure that you and your workforce are safe and covered. Splat Training offers full courses as well as refreshers, so please contact us to discuss your specific requirements. Or use our online Requirements Calculator.

Free Consultation

To make sure that you get the package you need, we offer a free consultation to all our customers. A one hour consultation will give you the opportunity to identify specific requirements, including dietary and access. To book you free consultation contact Amy on 01422 843210.


At Splat Training we pride ourselves on offering flexibility in both price and delivery. Because we work with a broad customer base, from schools to workplace, we understand that all of our customers have specific needs and preferences and do our best to make sure we meet your needs.

A Professional Service

We offer a range of training for the workplace and for the general public to ensure you are up to date and ready for action. Our specialist trainers provide a friendly and expert service and are ready to listen to your specific needs and preferences to ensure that you get the best possible value from Splat Training.

Transferable Skills

Outdoor activities are fun and promote good health, but our training events will also equip you with relevant skills for the workplace, such as communication, problem solving and observation. In a world where the classroom, the office and the factory floor are rapidly changing: future proof yourself with Splat Training.

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Thanks for visiting Splat! I hope you are faring well.

Covid 19 has caused us all to rethink the way we work.

Here at Splat we are diversifying in a few ways so that you can still access great quality training; see our social media for details or sign up to the newsletter.

  • Really good online Health and Safety courses you can complete in your own home, book and pay online
  • Online Family First Aid sessions  
  • Online first aid training for young people
  • We are looking at a very exciting and innovative way to carry out our usual training and assessments online - watch this space.
  • We are also looking at trading business for business...what services can we swap?

If you would like to discuss your training, book something for the future, or chat about the weather please don't hesitate to get in touch on 07796872170.

Stay positive, be kind


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