We provide a comprehensive range of First Aid courses. If you are unsure of your requirements you can use our handy First Aid Requirements Calculator.

If you need further assistance or have specific requirements then please call Amy on 01422 843210. Or download Health & Safety Executive information.

To book Public (open) courses run once per month, this date will be the only date not 'grayed out' in the calendar below. Click the date you require and then click the start time offered. If you are looking to book for a few people we may be able to schedule a course just for you. Please use the request system in the 'in house' tab.

Prices start from £64.99 per person per head.
Discounts available for larger bookings.


Recieve Qualsafe Awards accredited training by a fully qualified teacher able to tailor courses to suit your company's needs.


Splat first aid courses run at Staups Lea Farm near Blackshaw Head or at your company premises for greater flexibility.


Suggested start times are 9:30 and finish times are 4:30. Lunch is not provided but hot drinks and biscuits are.

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Thanks for visiting Splat! I hope you are faring well.

Covid 19 has caused us all to rethink the way we work.

Here at Splat we are diversifying in a few ways so that you can still access great quality training; see our social media for details or sign up to the newsletter.

  • Really good online Health and Safety courses you can complete in your own home, book and pay online
  • Online Family First Aid sessions  
  • Online first aid training for young people
  • We are looking at a very exciting and innovative way to carry out our usual training and assessments online - watch this space.
  • We are also looking at trading business for business...what services can we swap?

If you would like to discuss your training, book something for the future, or chat about the weather please don't hesitate to get in touch on 07796872170.

Stay positive, be kind


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