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Yorkshire teambuilding is a product of splat training and the same terms apply.


February 2020

 The services, specifications and related prices as well as times and places for the delivery of services will be agreed in advance and confirmed on the booking form.


Cancellation by Splat at any time will lead to full refund where rescheduling is deemed not possible by either party. Cancellation by the purchaser will not be refunded but a new date will be offered. Adverse weather conditions may from time to time cause rescheduling of an event and not cancellation, no refund will be offered.


Payment is usually required in advance and will confirm the booking unless specifically agreed otherwise. 30 day terms may be requested by the purchaser in advance of booking and are given at the discretion of Splat training. Deposits are non refundable unless deployed to cover loaned equipment.


Splat has a policy of inclusion regarding all disabilities. Wherever practicable SPLAT will make all possible adjustments to include all delegates providing relevant notice has been given of adjustment requirements. We will always work with you to make relevant adjustments however, the nature of the courses offered does mean that content can be challenging and in some cases adjustment may not be possible.

First Aid Training Specific Conditions

Accredited first aid; in order to achieve the full qualification learner’s must complete a multiple-choice assessment and relevant practical assessment. Other arrangements can be made to ensure everyone has equal opportunity to join in but some elements of courses cannot be changed e.g. first aiders must prove themselves competent at CPR carried out on the floor.

It remains the purchaser’s responsibility to ensure all delegates are aware, and capable and/or have the relevant support. If you require any adjustments, please ensure you contact Splat training in advance of booking to request these.

In the event that a learner does not achieve a pass a reassessment can be arranged and may in some cases incur a further cost.

To attend a First Aid at Work 2 day requalification the learner must present a valid First Aid at Work Certificate.

Late arrivals, absences and learners who do not engage may, at the trainer’s discretion, be deemed unable to pass. In such a situation the course fee is still payable.

Referral Schemes and gifts

Splat runs various referral schemes and is happy to reward its customers for referring us on to new customers. Gifts are offered at the discretion of Splat training and will be of the value of no more than £20. Gifts and payments can only be made once full payment has been received from the new customer. In order for us to reward you the referral must be made to a new customer who has not used our services previously. That customer must give your full name on booking and it is your responsibility to ensure we have your contact details.

General Data Protection Regulations 2018

Privacy Notice

In response to changes in regulations Splat training has produced this document in line with Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) recommendations

The following covers our:

Data Handling Policy

Data Consent Process

Subject access/deletion requests

Security and emergency procedure (breach)

Data Handling Policy and Procedure

At Splat we do not want to harvest lots of data about you but we need to handle a basic amount of information about you in order to book you on your required course and to ensure we can get information to you by the appropriate means. We also need to process address information for invoicing purposes. As well as booking and invoicing for courses carrying a qualification we will use your email address to contact you with an automated reminder when/if your qualification is due for renewal. Please contact us if you do not wish to be reminded. Finally, we would like to be able to add you to our emailing list, you can opt into this list by visiting our website and completing a sign-up form.

You (or a representative with your consent) will give this data on an online booking form or over the phone, this is deemed to be consent to data handling. Within the booking process there is an ‘opt in’ option to give consent to marketing emails, we do not use cookies or have any inexplicit forms of personal data collection.

Third Parties

Our Awarding Organisations (Qualsafe Awards) keep a database of all learners for legal reasons (information you give at training) and we store the same course information including any you completed on the day as a paper record. These are stored securely and disposed of properly after 3 years.

Our policy is to store as little information as possible and to use trusted third parties with high level security in place to store your personal data. We choose these third parties carefully and make every reasonable check of their security. From May 2018 no new personal data will be stored on our computers.

All of these third parties have permission to store your data but do not have access to your personal information and cannot sell it or pass it to other parties.

Bookings will be made using the Appointedd platform or Jotforms

Invoicing through Freeagent

Payments taken by Stripe or BACS with your own bank

Accredited courses stored by Qualsafe Awards

These third-party providers do not have right of access to your data and are governed by their own Privacy Policies and cannot share the information.

Marketing will be carried out by email using Mailchimp, (the leading email marketing platform) and you will only be added to marketing lists with your explicit consent gained either by a tick box on the Appointedd booking platform or a sign up (Mailchimp) on a Splat website. Occasionally a quiz and prize draw may be carried out on Survey Monkey, you will be asked to sign up to win the prize we will not automatically sign you up.

We will always provide an easy ‘unsubscribe button’.

Data Consent Process (Lawful Basis)

By booking with us using our websites or by phone we assume that you consent to using these third parties by way of it being necessary in order to carry out the processes. If you are not happy with this please inform us in advance and we will try to accommodate you. We do not assume your consent to further marketing contact – this will be asked for explicitly.

Occasionally we may ask if we can use your photograph on social media or other marketing material. These photographs will not be associated with your name at any time and will only be used/stored with your written permission.

Deletion requests

If at any time you would like to be deleted from our systems please contact us by phone or email (see www.splattraining.co.uk for latest contact details).

Subject Access Request

If at any time you would like access to the details we hold about you please contact us by phone or email (see www.splattraining.co.uk for latest contact details) we will provide you with the information free of charge and within the lawful timescale.

Security and emergency procedure (breach)

Because we take security seriously we use third parties to store your data. These third parties have a legal requirement to inform the ICO within 72 hours of any breach.

Please be aware that online transactions are never guaranteed to be 100% secure however, we take security very seriously and measures are in place to make it as safe as possible. If you ever feel your data is at risk please stop the transaction and inform Splat training immediately.

Policy changes

This policy may (will probably) be updated over the coming year please return to our website to check for changes, a date of changes will be posted at the top of the page.


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