These courses offer the opportunity to improve and develop your hill skills and knowledge of the outdoors.

From £175.00, free gift included.

Splat Nav 1

Hill Skills is a 5 hour course which focuses on the beginnings of good navigation eg handrails, tick off features, orientating/thumbing the map, basic compass use and much more.

Splat Nav 2

Advanced Hill Skills  is an 8 hour course intended to build on skills learned in the basic course. It will add new skills such as contour interpretation, walking on a bearing, pacing and timing. This will enable you to undertake more complex navigation.

We will talk through the things we advise you to carry in your rucksack for a long day out in a remote area.

We will think about escape routes and the kinds of things we should be doing to prepare for the possibility of an injury such as carrying a first aid kit, leaving route cards etc.

In terms of Navigation we would look at; Distance, Direction and Discernible features: We will talk about chunking the walk into manageable sections and navigating each section by thinking in advance about what direction we will be walking in, what distance and therefore time we expect it to take and what discernible features we expect to see on the way and ticking these off. The course is designed to give everyone a go at methodically following these principles to navigate a section of a walk

Sometimes there is time to introduce bearings; Using a compass to find an accurate direction to walk in, walking on a bearing means finding the degrees around a circle from where you are standing and walking in that direction ie; Walking due south is walking on a bearing of 180 degrees. This is complex and difficult to grasp so tips over into the advanced course.

The advanced course builds on the skills already covered.

A longer day giving greater opportunity to practice, with guidance, the three D's Distance Direction Discernible features.

  • Using a compass to find a bearing

  • Walking on a bearing

Using techniques such as boxing off, aiming off and leapfrogging to reduce the margin of error.

  • Transferring these to and from the map using contour recognition. This will start to bring the map to life making it appear 3 dimensional and allow you to use a much more reliable source of information for navigation.
  • It is intended that a person completes the ‘basic’, then has a consolidation period to practice skills learned and the advanced course is taken to add new skills later on. Or the two can be carried out on consecutive days but we strongly advise doing the basic first.
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