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You’re in safe hands at EUREKA!

Splat has just completed Eureka’s first aid annual refresher training!
If you have ever been to Eureka you will know that they take ‘Health and Safety’ very seriously and that the customer (you) are at the centre of everything for them. Because of this they ensure that their staff have the most up to date training in first aid and exceed the minimum legal requirements.
Staff get Emergency First Aid training every 3 years as well as the annual refresher training, which many companies choose not to do because of cost. To Eureka keeping skills fade in check is simply too valuable to scrimp on.

We carry out the first aid training at the Museum, they are closed every Monday for training, which means we work through scenarios and ask relevant, contextual questions around how best to deal with an emergency. These scenarios are dealt with professionally and without fuss and all the staff know how best to get the help they need.

Working with Eureka is an absolute joy, I never have to ‘sell’ the training to the staff they are keen to learn and see the value it will bring them in their work. They are always fully engaged and ready with answers and ideas, they are a team and work as a team in an emergency which means you are safer.

“Time flew because I was having fun”-James
The team knows how to access and use an AED, how to help a child or baby who isn’t breathing, how to deal with the symptoms of a heart attack and more, as well as a range of more likely minor injuries. What is more their customer service skills mean they do all of this with excellent interpersonal skills making it easier for you.

If ever an accident occurs, however minor, the team reports it and the incident is acted upon to prevent reoccurrence. The team are not paying lip service to the rules, they really understand the need to respond and report.“Always useful to refresh your knowledge regularly – these sessions are well worth attending”
– Rebecca
While I was training this month a member of staff had some pains in her chest. I got to see Leanne respond beautifully as her first aid knowledge kicked into action. The member of staff was put in the ‘Lazy W’ and all the appropriate questions were asked.

  • How long have you had these pains?
  • What were you doing just before hand?
  • Have you had anything like them before?

A full recovery was made and there was nothing to worry about but Leanne took all the right precautions.
I have no doubt whatsoever that you are in safe hands at Eureka, the staff are ready to go above and beyond.

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COVID-19 UPDATE 06/01/21

The First Aid Quality Partnership (FAQP) met on the 5th January 2021 to discuss the impact of the latest        lockdown restrictions on the delivery of First Aid training. The key message resulting from this meeting was:

            “The provision of First Aid qualifications can continue to be delivered in line with existing COVID-secure guidelines”

This means we can go ahead with training, we are already following all the covid safe procedures. Remember First Aid Training is about saving lives. We must keep our skills up to date.

If you have bookings during this new lockdown we will be in touch. If you have any questions are shielding or otherwise concerned call Amy on 07796872170

Stay warm and cosy and use this time well x


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