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The Manufacturing and Engineering industry are particularly vulnerable to accidents in the workplace, but a robust training program can mitigate risk and save lives should large or small incidents happen.

Make sure you, your colleagues and visitors are protected!
Simply choose any of our training programmes and benefit from a free Infection Control Course.

Choose From 

    • Bespoke First Aid Training On-Site in your work place
    • Online Health and Safety Training
    • First Aid Training at Splat Training Classroom


First Aid for Manufacturers

First Aid At Work for Manufacturers

First Aid At Work

Emergency First Aid At Work

Emergency First Aid at Work

First Aid At Work Requalify

First Aid At Work Requalify

Or call 07796872170

Learning That Sticks

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Training is back up and running! Get in touch for bookings or to talk through what you need 07796872170

We are completely up to scratch with all the relevant changes due to Covid both in what we teach and the way we teach it. Have a look at our blog to see how we are up to date. We even got new sinks put in our fab classroom!!!

Covid update? Why not put your first aiders through a half-day refresher to ensure they are up to date with the new guidance. Please don't forget to check that your first aiders are still able to carry out their job...if they are shielding it may not be the best role for them. Have a chat with them.

Any further questions don't hesitate to get in touch.

Look forward to hearing from you.