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Tales from our trainees


“At 8.45am on Friday 22nd June I was in my workshop on my own. It had been a hard week, I was tired and very grumpy, prepping some timber for a job I did not want to be doing on my bench planer. I was in a hurry, and had neglected to put the guard in place. The timber jumped on a knot and my hand briefly lurched towards the razor sharp planer knives spinning at 20,000 revolutions per minute. The tip of my left index finger made contact with the blades very briefly, and when I looked at it the fingertip was gone.

After a few seconds standing staring at it in horror I went to my 1st aid box and found a clean piece of wadding, applied pressure and raised it above the level of my heart. Thinking Amy my 1st aid instructor would be pleased so far, I then proceeded to yelling loudly at the top of my voice, many of the words not printable here. Assistance arrived pretty promptly, and I was carted off to A&E.

Several months later I am patched up, but missing the end of my digit. It could have been a lot worse. I’m glad I restock my 1st Aid box from time to time. Use all the guards and push sticks you can. Don’t rush”

George Kidd, Dovetail Joiners, Hebden Bridge

We’re sorry to hear about your finger George! Hope you are adjusting
to life without it.
It sound like you had it all under control and dealt with it very well!

If you have any stories to share with us please contact amy@splattraining.co.uk

Who have Splat been working with lately?

First Aid training at Quadrant EPP Todmorden

Another global company acting locally.

Here at Splat we’re really pleased to benefit from the local thinking of a great global firm.

Quadrant EPP are a manufacturer of high quality engineering grade plastics (no single use stuff made or used here). They have plastic in space and plastic on the sea bed replacing heavy and high maintenance metals with long lasting, light weight plastics made right here in the upper Calder Valley they even made the material for my friend Darren’s hip replacement!

Quadrant are a huge global firm with their roots in the local cotton industry, so they like to support their local community. With milk from the milk man, fruit from Tod market and first aid training from a local lass at Splat training (I went to school across the road at Castle Hill!). Quadrant are really doing their bit!

The Todmorden branch is celebrating 8 years accident free, which is pretty impressive for an engineering firm! At the start of a massive week of safety audits the staff were given time out for an extra first aid session with the intention of keeping them safe, not just at work but at home too. We covered CPR and safe use of an AED (if you don’t know what one is book some training!) for adult and child as well as recovery position and what to do if someone is choking. As always with Splat there was loads of practical work and plenty of discussion to ensure everyone got the most out of the training.

Dealing with unconsciousness at Christmas

Too many mince pies

Unconsciousness can be caused by a range of accidents and illnesses (and drunkenness) and can last for seconds (fainting) or for long periods.
Someone who is unconscious can still be murmuring or theirs eyes may be rolling.

One of the biggest concerns regarding someone who is unconscious is keeping the airway open. If someone is unconscious and laid on their back they are at risk of the airway being blocked either by the tongue or by vomit. They cannot respond and clear the airway because they are unconscious.

This is where the recovery position is useful because it puts the casualty on their side where these risks are greatly reduced. if you find someone who appears unconscious follow these steps.

We recommend you have a practice right now on the person to your left :):):) go on!!!



1. Are they conscious? Talk to them and tap the collar bone

2. Are they breathing? Head back to open the airway, look, listen, feel.
Look down the chest to see rise and fall.
Listen at the mouth to hear breath.
Feel with your ear/check air passing by.

4. If breathing turn them onto their side using the Recovery Position and call 999
Put the arm nearest you up near the head (see picture)
The furthest hand on their face, hold it there (they end up resting on this)
Lift furthest knee so foot is flat on floor and pull this towards you, the rest of the body will follow

5. Call 999

As with any first aid situation ensure you are safe first. If you get injured no one can help!!

Go on have a go!

Practice makes perfect.

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COVID-19 UPDATE 06/01/21

The First Aid Quality Partnership (FAQP) met on the 5th January 2021 to discuss the impact of the latest        lockdown restrictions on the delivery of First Aid training. The key message resulting from this meeting was:

            “The provision of First Aid qualifications can continue to be delivered in line with existing COVID-secure guidelines”

This means we can go ahead with training, we are already following all the covid safe procedures. Remember First Aid Training is about saving lives. We must keep our skills up to date.

If you have bookings during this new lockdown we will be in touch. If you have any questions are shielding or otherwise concerned call Amy on 07796872170

Stay warm and cosy and use this time well x


SEE OUR BLOG FOR ALL Covid-19 Safe First Aid Training