With our range of courses and associate providers, we can devise the right first aid & health and safety programme for you.

Splat first aid courses run at Staups Lea Farm near Blackshaw Head or at your company premises for greater flexibility.

Our health and safety affiliates Buzz Safety provide quality and comprehensive health and safety advice aimed specifically at small to medium sized businesses

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Thanks for visiting Splat! I hope you are faring well.

  • If you are a key worker and need first aid training please get in touch 07796872170.
  • If you are returning to work and need training to ensure adequate cover we can train you! Call Amy on 07796872170
  • If you are not a key worker/have no 'essential training need' we are not able to start training until the national Covid Alert drops to level 3, we are currently transitioning from 4 to 3
  • If you have a training course booked with us it will be postponed until we reach a Covid Alert Level 3. We will contact you about this training, you will remain in credit.

If your existing First Aid certificate has expired during lockdown don't worry the HSE has granted an extension. 

Covid 19 has caused us all to rethink the way we work.

Here at Splat we are diversifying in a few ways so that you can still access great quality training; see our social media for details or sign up to the newsletter.

  • Really good online Health and Safety courses you can complete in your own home, book and pay online
  • Online Family First Aid sessions shared across Linked in, Twitter and Facebook
  • We are looking into exciting and innovative ways to carry out our usual training and assessments online - watch this space.
  • We are developing our huge classroom space so that we can excellent quality deliver socially distanced training and provide all the relevant PPE
  • We are also looking at trading business for business...what services can we swap?

If you would like to discuss your training, book something for the future, or chat about the weather please don't hesitate to get in touch on 07796872170.

Wondering about being a first aider during the Covid pandemic? Have a look at this article. https://splattraining.co.uk/information-for-first-aiders-during-covid-19/

Stay positive, be kind


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