First aid fun and resources

Here are all of the resources referenced in the Splat training ebook; Fab First Aiders and How to Build Them 

The serious stuff… Click the image to download your resources

First Aid Kit Audit

Do regular checks of first aid kits, replace what’s missing or out of date.

Accident Report

Accidents and near misses should be recorded to prevent them from recurring. 

First Aiders Audit

Keep a regular check on your team’s qualifications.

Accident Report Audit

Take an overview of the accidents that have happened. Prepare and prevent!

Incident Debrief Sheet

Follow up Incedents carefully and make a record of your findings

Assessment of Risk

Look at your processes to foresee risk and act to prevent risk.

The fun stuff….click the images to download scenarios


First Aid Scenarios

Have a go at some scenarios with your team. Why not make up some of your own too! Get in touch and let us know how it went

To do list

Print this resource before your training, its a great way to show you intend to act upon your first-aiders ideas