First Aid Audit Sheets

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Make sure your first aid equipment and staff training is in date use these handy audit sheets to help you.

  1. First Aid Kit Audit – A useful list of what should be in the box – don’t forget to check the dates on them.
  2. First Aiders Audit – A handy way to keep a record of staff training and how many first aiders you have available.
  3. Accident Report Audit – A crib sheet for reviewing your processes over time.
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COVID-19 UPDATE 06/01/21

The First Aid Quality Partnership (FAQP) met on the 5th January 2021 to discuss the impact of the latest        lockdown restrictions on the delivery of First Aid training. The key message resulting from this meeting was:

            “The provision of First Aid qualifications can continue to be delivered in line with existing COVID-secure guidelines”

This means we can go ahead with training, we are already following all the covid safe procedures. Remember First Aid Training is about saving lives. We must keep our skills up to date.

If you have bookings during this new lockdown we will be in touch. If you have any questions are shielding or otherwise concerned call Amy on 07796872170

Stay warm and cosy and use this time well x


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